Swimming Pool Construction

Pools with PVC membranes (LINER) became one of the most preferred systems today worldwide as they are one of the most dependable, healthy and long lasting solutions for water insulations. 

We are working worldwide on custom designs according to your land, garden and desires.

Prefabricated Pool Body

We are producing the prefabricated steel walls of our pools since 2005. The superiorities of our system are:

  • No limitations on size, shape, detail and depth.

  • Has a 15 years guarantee.

  • Self standing system with high stability to the loads from both sides.

  • Made of 1,5mm thick galvanized steel ​as standard, also can be produced by stainless steel and higher thicknesses.

  • Can be erected directly on ground or screed concrete (8 cm thickness is enough).

  • All shapes, depths and details can be produced.

Concrete Body

Do you have a concrete pool body? Do you have easy conditions to produce a concrete body? So you can leave us the rest. We adopt the filtration system, apply the liner and finish your pool in the shortest period.